My name is Austin Gravley. I live in Amarillo, TX, with my wife Melissa. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Studies, and I have an Associates in Mass Communication and Bachelors in General Studies. I currently work part-time as the social media manager for Redeemer Christian Church, a non-denominational Acts29 church, and part-time for a small pest control business.

My primary areas of study are on media literacy and media ecology’s impact on evangelicalism, as well as church history and pastoral theology, although I would not profess any expertise in any of those and often write on subjects more diverse than those. My long term aim is vocational or bi-vocational pastoral or Christian education ministry in either an Acts29 or Presbyterian context. When I am not working or studying, I am usually listening to or playing music, playing games with my wife, reading, building Gunpla models, or hosting movie and game nights at our house.

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