SA-2: On Students and Brett McCracken’s “The Wisdom Pyramid”

Media literacy is the biggest gaping hole in our discipleship. We can feel its effects in our churches and our lives in the same way we can feel the effects of poor financial stewardship or failing marriages in our churches. Plenty of courses and programs exist for churches to address financial literacy and building healthy marriages, but what about for media literacy? The problem has festered for so long feels so overwhelming; it’s hard to know where to start! In this episode of Breaking the Digital Spell, we look at one particular resource, Brett McCracken’s “The Wisdom Pyramid”, and report from the field of trying to fill the gap with some high school students – and offer some helpful perspective on why doing something imperfectly is better than doing nothing at all.

SA-2: “On Students and Brett McCracken’s ‘The Wisdom Pyramid'” is now available wherever you get your podcasts, or you can download the episode directly here. Due to the nature of how this episode was written and recorded, there is no manuscript available for this episode.

If you have thoughts, let me hear them!

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